6 Different Ways to Initialize a Vector in C++

QuickSort in C++ Implementation

Learn how you can initialize a vector in C++ in 6 different ways. The vector in C++ acts as an array or list. Since it comes with great inbuilt functions to perform different operations and initialization hence it is always recommended to use vectors instead of arrays in C++. Vector is part of STL(Standard Template … Read more

How To Print HashMap In Java [Keys And Values]

Printing HashMap Values and Keys in JAVA

Do you want to know how to print HashMap values and keys in JAVA? In this post, I’ll show you how to print the hash map’s values and keys in JAVA. HashMap is an implementation of the Map interface that is used to group elements into key-value pairs. We can use a variety of methods … Read more

How to use STL Stack in C++

How to use STL Stack in C++

Learn about how to use STL Stack in C++. The syntax to start using stack in C++ is std::stack. In this tutorial, I will discuss the uses, applications, and examples for stacks in C++. After this, you will be able to solve most of the stack-related algorithm questions without implementing your own stack data structure. … Read more