How To Check If Two Strings Are Equal In Python


This article will teach you how to check if two Strings are equal in Python. I’ll go over four methods for determining whether two strings are similar or not. Determining whether or not two strings are equal by comparing them character by character is known as a “string comparison.” 1. Using Python Equals Operator “==” … Read more

How To Sort Array In Python [Complete Guide]


A variety of sorting algorithms are available for use with Python arrays, with the runtime and efficiency of the algorithms varying depending on which algorithm is selected. A few of these approaches to sorting array elements are investigated in this article. Using Sorted() Function To Sort Array In Python In order to perform sorting, Python … Read more

9 Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming

Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming

Python programming language is a versatile open-source language applicable in numerous fields, including finance, physics, and engineering. It also has an easy-to-read syntax, making it suitable for beginners. Beginner Tips For Learning Python Programming If you want to get into programming by learning Python, below are nine tips to make your learning process smooth and … Read more

Convert DateTime To Unix Timestamp In Python


This tutorial will show you how to convert DateTime to Unix timestamp in Python, as well as how to convert String Date to the timestamp in Python, through the use of practical code examples. It was in the 1960s and 1970s that the Unix operating system was first developed. The date of Unix’s launch was … Read more

How To Get Column Names In Pandas Dataframe


Python DataFrames are two-dimensional tables that can be scaled and mutated. Rows and columns are used to store data in Pandas DataFrame. It is possible to identify the columns by their header names, which are unique to each column. In this tutorial, you will learn to get column names in Pandas Dataframe using Python. Using … Read more

Normal Distribution in Python


Even if you’re not a statistician, you’ve probably heard of the term “Normal Distribution” somewhere. According to probability theory, a random variable’s possible values can be described by its probability distribution. Here, we’re referring to the possible range of values that can be assigned to a parameter based on a random sample. It is possible … Read more

ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package


Especially if you are a beginner Python programmer, module imports can be extremely frustrating. Imports are explained in detail in this tutorial, along with how to resolve the error message ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package. We should first understand a few basic Python terminologies before proceeding with the solution.Module for Python: … Read more

How To Replace Characters In A String In Python


In this tutorial, you will learn to replace characters in a string in Python. Python includes the replace() function, which can be used to replace characters in a string. This function accepts two input arguments; to replace a character, simply enter the first argument as the character to be replaced and the second argument is … Read more

[Fixed] Deprecationwarning: find_element_by_* commands are deprecated. please use find_element() instead


The find_element_by_() method will fail if you are using Selenium 4.0.0 or higher and trying to find the elements on the page using the find_element_by_() method. Deprecation There is a deprecation notice for the find_element_by_* functions. Rather than finding an element, please use find element(). In this tutorial, you will learn about DeprecationWarning: find_element_by_* commands … Read more