What is the State in Flutter?

Are you new to Flutter Mobile or Web development? Today we will be discussing about what is the state in Flutter. How can you implement state in flutter and what are different types of states present what is there significant.

So, let dig deep into the topic. As you might be already knowing about flutter that its all about widget in it. Hence State is something which is associated with the Widget in Flutter.

Types of State in Flutter and Management

The First state in flutter is known as the application state. So, when you have multiple screens in your application and you want to share one screen of the application then you need to create the state of those widgets and then allow it to be shared with other widgets.

So, any UI screen of flutter can be considered as a flutter state. So, whenever there is a change in the flutter state this means that your UI will be redrawn it might be to reflect the changes you made or to automatically update based upon the functionality coded.

You can learn more about Flutter State and Its management from the below video.

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