What is LeetCode and Its Importance To SE

You have a lot of Software engineers discussing LeetCode on the Web. What is LeetCode? Today we will be discussing why it’s the most important thing you should know if you are from a Software Engineering background. And also we will discuss what are its alternatives you can use.

What is LeetCode?

It’s a website where software engineers at all levels being junior or senior level practices their coding skills. There are almost more than 1000+ questions and LeetCode keeps on adding the questions whenever they stumble upon the new interview question asked in top tech companies.

LeetCode has questions marked in Easy, Medium, and Hard. They provide the solutions to each problem as well starting from Brute Force to the most optimized coding answer required you to understand the solution.

There is various similar website to LeetCode which are Hackerrank, TopCoder, InterviewBit, and many more. To crack top coding interviews we have a great and most popular book named “Cracking the Coding Interview”, which is called as Bible for Software Engineers.

There is also an application called Blind which is usually a community of anonymous software engineers where these books and LeetCode is mentioned a lot to crack the coding interviews. There are various reasons to prefer LeetCode and some of the reasons cited by the users are.

What is LeetCode?

Why LeetCode and Its Importance?

There is the various reason but today we will be discussing the three primary reason why any software engineer to use LeetCode: to prepare for the technical portion of the job interview, to get into FAANG, or to improve their total compensation. And there are some engineers who want to accomplish all of them at once.

It’s always good to prepare to pass the Technical Screen round first. Within the last decade, technical interviews have become more like a formula in which case if someone is able to fit in the formula get hired. Which makes many engineers mad. What people are asked to perform in an interview is solving word or code-based teasers.

Coding on a whiteboard, and being asked to produce clean and optimized solutions in a short time frame which is usually around 45 minutes. But some companies expect even lesser time for that. Also, this type of solution is never expected in the daily work environment.

LeetCode, Interviewbit, Hackerrank have risen in use because of this formula being used to hire technical software engineers in the space. Engineers always believe that these resources will help prepare them for what they will encounter in today’s technical aptitude screenings.

For many, the objective of using LeetCode isn’t about just passing the technical interview. It’s about passing the technical interview at the elite tech companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. LeetCode questions are often asked during interviews at these companies, some more than at others. Among the Big Five, Amazon is said to place the least emphasis on LeetCode.

Many of the users spend about 3 months preparing interview questions on LeetCode for Big Four or Five companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Apple. Most of the users usually on an average solves around 20 to hundreds to questions to get the satisfaction and confidence to start interviewing for tech interviews.

LeetCode based interviews are more prevalent all over the world and at well known tech companies in Silicon Valley. Its more prevalent in Bengaluru tech companies as well apart from US tech companies. Most of the times user want to solve complex questions at interviews to get better offer or in most of the case so that they can negotiate with better package.

Most of them succeed and most don’t. But for some it’s useful and for some, it isn’t. It a debatable questions whether LeetCode is the right way to interview the people around you to get them better job offers.

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