Code Example: PopCat Click Hack Code

PopCat is a popular game in which you are required to have maximum clicks made to win the game. In this tutorial, you will learn PopCat Click Hack Code that you can use inside your browser and get on top of the game if you want.

Currently, in the most number of clicks Sweden is on the top as users from this country have more clicks on the Pop Cat Games than any other country. (Note: This can change over time.)

What is PopCat?

PopCat is a popular auto-clicking game in which use earns points based upon the number of clicks he has made on the cat and allowed the cat to pop his mouth. Since it is a very simple game it can be easily hacked or tricked using JavaScript Code.

PopCat Auto Clicker Code

All you are required is to insert the below code snippet to the browser in which you are playing the game. Then you will see that the clicks on this website will start increasing for you immediately based upon the code you entered.

  • Open in a browser.
  • Right Click on the Page and then Select Inspect button from the Menu.
  • On Top Right Select Console Option.
  • Paste the Below code and Run the Code.
var event = new KeyboardEvent('keydown', {
	key: 'g',
	ctrlKey: true

	for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
}, 0);

If the above code is not working then please try to paste the below code or script, and see if the clicks are working or not. But before running this code you make sure that you mute the browser tab sound so that you do not hear sudden loud noise because of the huge clicks.

var newEvent = new KeyboardEvent('keydown',{
    key: 'g',
    ctrlKey: true
    for (i = 0; i < 500; i++) {
}, 0)  
PopCat Click Hack Code

Fix: Your IP Has Been Banned There Was Recaptcha

If you try to click more than 800 times in 30 seconds using the above method, you will be flagged as a bot, and you will receive a message stating that your IP address has been banned due to a Recaptcha problem.

To resolve this problem, run the above code and ensure that the number of clicks does not exceed 800 in 30 seconds. You can either use code example one or code example two as both of them happy auto click on PopCat Games page less than 800 times in 30 seconds.

Wrap Up

I hope you got the correct code related to the PopCat Click Hack Code. This works as a PopCat Auto Clicker code as well that tells that browser to keep on clicking on the webpage at a certain rate that increases the score.

And it helps you to increase your score and go ahead in the PopCat Click leaderboard on the website.

Let me know in the comment section if the code is not working for you I will be happy to help you and also let me know if you have better code than the one discussed above.

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