In Laravel The Right Way To Import JavaScript Into Blade Templates

In this tutorial, you will learn to import the JavaScript in Blade Templates the right way in Laravel.

If you have a @section block in your blade PHP file then you will need to make sure that nothing is outside the @section. As anything outside of the @section block will not be rendered.

If you want to properly import the JavaScript into your blades templates then you will have to add the @stack(‘head’) line where you want your styles/javascript to appear. This can usually be found in the <head> section of HTML.

How To Import JavaScript into Blade Templates

Let us see in the below code that you can use to make sure that JavaScript is imported properly into the blade templates. This code you may need to add in the blade PHP file will push the content into the stack.

<!-- Styles -->
<link href="{{ asset('css/pizza.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">
<!-- Scripts -->
<script src="{{ asset('js/components/requiredJavaScriptFileToBeIncluded.js')}}"></script>

Because many JavaScript frameworks also use “curly” braces to indicate whether or not a given expression should be displayed in the browser, you can use the @ symbol to inform the Blade rendering engine that an expression should be left untouched by the Blade rendering engine. Below is the code example.

In Laravel The Right Way To Import JavaScript Into Blade Templates
Hello, @{{ name }}.

When using this example, Blade will remove the @ symbol; however, the name expression will be left unaffected by the Blade engine, allowing it to be rendered by your JavaScript framework instead.

Wrap Up

I hope you understood how to add the javascript in Laravel properly. I have listed one method plus code example that you can use to resolve your issue.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any other method than the one discussed above I will be happy to add it here.

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