GitBot Complete Guide

Are you looking to learn about GitBot? In this article, I will provide you a complete guide to the introduction and usage of GitBot.

GitBot Complete Guide

What is GitBot?

GitBot is a developer toolkit that allows developers to stay busy while still connecting with their peers on GitHub directly from Discord.

GitBot creates a list of all of your git repositories. Select the repo you wish to push to gh-pages and click the button.

GitBot automates the procedures such as cloning of your repo, creating a new orphan branch for your project, adding your content, commit, and then pushing back to GitHub and deploys your repository for you. On GH Pages, all it takes is one click to go from repo to deployment.

How to Install GitBot to your Development Environment

It is really easy to install GitBot if you already have npm installed on your system. All you need to do is follow the below code in your terminal and npm should automatically install GitBot for you and it makes it ready for use instantly.

//On terminal write the below code and press Enter.
npm install -g gitbot
//Git Help and Usage  
Usage: gitbot [command]
    merge       merge pull request and delete branch
    help [cmd]  display help for [cmd]
    -h, --help  output usage information

How to Use GitBot?

GitBot can be executed in two ways as mentioned below.

  1. Console Mode:

Every couple of minutes, all issues are re-scanned and processed as a console application (interval customizable). It’s easier to set up, and there’s no need to use GitHub (aside from credentials).

2. Web Server Mode:

It’s a web application that runs. GitHub webhooks must be put up on any repositories that should be processed. The program can be executed on an embedded web server or as a WSGi application.


GitBot is really a very handy and productive tool for new web developers who are new to Git commands and repository. With the use of GitBot, you can easily overcome all the nitty-gritty you need to face initially and automate your task easily without any issues.

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