How to Iterate Over Characters of String in JAVA


Are you looking to iterate over characters of String in JAVA? In this post, I will discuss what are the best ways you can iterate over the string for either characters or words in JAVA. In this post, I will discuss around four most efficient methods that you can use to iterate over characters of … Read more

How to Write Enhanced For Loop in Java With Examples

How to Write Enhanced For Loop in Java 8 With Examples

In this tutorial, you will learn how to write enhanced for loop in JAVA 8. I will be showing you various examples with code in JAVA 8 to show how you can implement it in real-world scenarios. What is Enhanced For Loop in JAVA? The enhanced for loop[1] was first introduced in Java version 5. … Read more

JAVA: Meaning of \n and \t With Code Examples


What does \n mean in JAVA? And what do \t mean in JAVA? In this article, I will show you the difference between \n and \t with various examples. And how you can use it in your JAVA code. In JAVA, the escape sequences \n and \t are used to print to a new line … Read more

JAVA String to Int Complete Guide JAVA 8

JAVA String to Int

You can an integer that is present in form of a string and you do not know how to convert string to int in JAVA. Then this tutorial is for you. In any case, we want to convert a String of Integer to an Integer or an Array of Integer. So, let us look at … Read more

JAVA HashMap Definitive Guide Code Examples

JAVA HashMap

JAVA HashMap is a very important topic to be learned as part to get better at Data structures and Algorithms. The JAVA HashMap data structure is widely used in a wide range of applications. The main benefit of using HashMap is that you can get the value of a specific key in O(1) (Constant time). … Read more

Java ArrayList Code Examples

JAVA ArrayList

JAVA ArrayList is a resizable list of the element as per a specific class or elements. JAVA ArrayList is an implementation of the List Interface. This class is equivalent to Vector. List Interface provides methods to manipulate the size of the array dynamically. The function which it supports are size, isEmpty, get, set, listIterator, and … Read more