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Max Points on a Line From Given Points

Coding Interview Questions

This is a very common interview question asked on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. Let’s get into the question first and then we can see the solutions of the problem Max Points on a Line. Question: Given n number of points on a 2D plane, find the maximum number of points in that which will lie … Read more

What’s New In Python 3 Guide Installation and Setup

What's New In Python 3 Guide Installation and Setup

As you might be knowing that Python is a high-level, interpreted scripting language. It was developed in the 1980s by Guido van Rossum at NRIMCS in the Netherlands. The most popular version of Python was 2.0 lately. It was released in 2000 and consecutively updated as a 2.x version every year till today. But now … Read more

Valid Number LeetCode and Interviewbit solution guide

Coding Interview Questions

Question: Valid Number Validate if a given string is numeric. Some examples: “0” => true” 0.1 ” => true”abc” => false”1 a” => false”2e10″ => true Note: It is intended for the problem statement to be ambiguous. You should gather all requirements upfront before implementing one. Update (2015-02-10):The signature of the C++ function had been updated. If you still see your function signature accepts an const char * argument, please … Read more

Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters

Coding Interview Questions

Given a string, find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters. Examples: Given “abcabcbb”, the answer is “abc”, which the length is 3. Given “bbbbb”, the answer is “b”, with the length of 1. Given “pwwkew”, the answer is “wke”, with the length of 3. Note that the answer must be a substring, “pwke” is a subsequence and not a substring. Solution: Please see the below … Read more

Top Free ReactJs Courses Available: Start Now [2020]

Top Free ReactJs Courses Available

You heard it right. On the Internet, there are various Top free ReactJs Courses available if you want to learn ReactJs. As you already know ReactJs is most in-demand frontend development web framework used in the industry. So it’s really very to good to get started with the free courses of ReactJs and Later on … Read more

ReactJS Tutorial Introduction 1

REACTJS Tutorial

On Coduber, we are launching a tutorial series for learning ReactJS. This ReactJS Tutorial series was created with the complete beginner in mind. And this will be beneficial to anyone who is about to begin learning ReactJs. What is React? Facebook created React as a framework for creating interactive user interfaces. It provides tools and … Read more

Stack Flutter Widget of the Week Definitive Guide

Stack Flutter Widget of the Week Definitive Guide

Today we will be discussing Stack Flutter Widget which is widely used in all or most of the Flutter applications currently. So Stack is basically a data structure that is used to put processes or widgets or objects in form of the stack which can be referred to as in line. You can think of … Read more

AboutDialog Flutter Widget of the Week


Today we will be seeing the AboutDialog Widget in Flutter. We will be discussing its usage and features in this post for the mobile development of applications. As in most of the applications we need to put legalities, app prints, about the apps in the about tab of the application. Now, the AboutDialog Widget of … Read more

JAVA String to Int Complete Guide JAVA 8

JAVA String to Int

You can an integer that is present in form of a string and you do not know how to convert string to int in JAVA. Then this tutorial is for you. In any case, we want to convert a String of Integer to an Integer or an Array of Integer. So, let us look at … Read more

JAVA HashMap Definitive Guide Code Examples

JAVA HashMap

JAVA HashMap is a very important topic to be learned as part to get better at Data structures and Algorithms. The JAVA HashMap data structure is widely used in a wide range of applications. The main benefit of using HashMap is that you can get the value of a specific key in O(1) (Constant time). … Read more