AboutDialog Flutter Widget of the Week

Today we will be seeing the AboutDialog Widget in Flutter. We will be discussing its usage and features in this post for the mobile development of applications.

As in most of the applications we need to put legalities, app prints, about the apps in the about tab of the application. Now, the AboutDialog Widget of flutter will make it easy to make those things integrated into your app with a single code by adding the AboutDialog Widget.


AboutDialog() can be used to simplify your need for the About tab in your application. So let’s get into its features and how can we use them in the applications.

AboutDialog Usage

To use about AboutDialog in flutter all you have to do is invoke AboutDialog Widget in your application widget tree.

  context: context,
  applicationVersion: '3.0.1',
  applicationIcon: MyAppIcon(),
  applicationLegalese: 'Whatever you want to write here',
  children: [

So to show this widget you need to find a proper place to get this widget hooked. Major, you can have a list of menu options available in your application there you can add more info tab and with the onTap() function of the list item you can call showAboutDialog(); to get the widget to display whatever you have entered into it.


You can also put any amount of Additional Widgets you want and take action upon them from your applications. We will be bringing more such tutorials related to Flutter. Hence follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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